Anne Bradley Lecture

Anne Bradley, the George and Sally Mayer Fellow for Economic Education and The Fund for American Studies Vice President of Academic Affairs, will join us on JBU’s campus on April 26th to talk about the pros and cons of Capitalism and the feasibility of Democratic Socialism as an alternative economic model.

Join us in Simmons Great Hall, room A, at 7 p.m. for Anne’s lecture, or watch the lecture on our YouTube channel, “Center for Faith and Flourishing.”

Greg Baylor Lecture

Tuesday, April 12th, Greg Baylor, a senior counsel member at Alliance Defending Freedom, will lecture on JBU’s campus.His lecture will focus on the tension between religious liberty and LGBTQ interests. If you would like to attend this lecture, join us April 12th in Simmons Great Hall A at 7 p.m.

The Faith to Serve: A Lecture by Judge John Bush

The sin of acedia was first diagnosed with great seriousness among desert monks in early Christian monastic practice. It was considered a chief temptation in Christian life and vocation, far more pernicious and threatening than other temptations to sin. At its most basic understanding, acedia is the temptation to despair. In a time when late-modern democracies are particularly discontent, where our political affections are strained and breaking, Laura Fabrycky asks what the idea of sin in political community means, considers the sin of acedia as a possible political diagnostic, and explores how the traditional insights and remedies for acedia may chart a redemptive path for democratic political communities today.Please join us Tuesday, Feb. 1, at 7 p.m. in Jones Recital Hall on JBU’s campus to hear Laura Fabrycky lecture on the sin of acedia. Students who attend will receive extra chapel credit for attending.

You Are Not Your Own: A Lecture by Alan Noble

Alan Noble, Editor-in-Chief of Christ and Pop Culture magazine, is coming to JBU’s campus November 19th to talk about what it means to belong, body and soul, to Christ. He will draw on his recently published book, You Are Not Your Own, to explore what it means to leave our modern identity behind and live full lives as followers of Christ. Join us November 10th in the Cathedral of the Ozarks from 7:00-8:30 pm to hear Dr. Noble’s lecture, or scan the QR code above to watch the livestream.

Reimagining Faith and Public Life: Sex, Gender, and the Future of the Church

Dr. Kristin Kobes Du Mez and Dr. Matthew Lee Anderson will join us on John Brown University’s campus to talk about how the church perceives gender, and how cultural understandings of gender shape the church’s views about gender and sexuality.

If you’re a JBU student, faculty, or staff member, join us on campus in the cathedral on September 22nd, 2021 at 7pm to watch the event! There will be a Q&A at the end, so come with questions.

If you’d like to watch the event online, you can watch the livestream by clicking the video above on September 22nd, 2021. The event will last from 7 pm-8:30 pm CST.

The Blessings and Burdens of Our History

Dr. Wilfred McClay, a well-renowned professor of American history, talked about the successes of our nation’s civil objectives and the obstacles we have yet to overcome. Over 100 people attended the event.

Finding Our Niche: A Discussion About Faithful Civic Engagement

Justin Giboney, founder of the AND Campaign, and Andrew Walker, Executive Director of the Carl F.H. Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement, joined us on campus to engage in a discussion about how students can responsibly engage in politics.

The God-Shaped Hole in Our Politics

Center for Faith and Flourishing teamed up with Neighborly Faith to host a discussion about what religious freedom looks like for all Americans, regardless of religious identification. The event was a success, garnering over a hundred student viewers on campus and more views on our YouTube page.

Reimagining Faith and Public Life: The Liturgy of Politics

Kaitlyn Schiess, Author of The Liturgy of Politics and a PhD student at Duke Divinity School, visited JBU to talk about her book and how political traditions shape our religious views.

Should Christians Vote for Trump?

On September 8th, Eric Metaxas and David French debated whether Christians should vote for Trump during the 2020 election season. The event was a success; over a hundred people watched the event on campus, and thousands more watched the event online.

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Class

Dr. Jay Bruce’s Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) class welcomed Dr. Cass Sunstein, founder and director of Harvard’s Behavioral Economics and Public Policy program, to speak about Libertarian Paternalism. His lecture is the first of many Zoom guest lectures for Dr. Bruce’s class.

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