Check out Orry’s Latest Episode of The Conversation

Interested to see what Orry has been talking about lately? Check out his latest episode, which features our center’s Assistant Director, Dr. Daniel Bennett, right here.

The Conversation Podcast

Center for Faith and Flourishing is excited to tell you about or partnernship with Orry Phillips! Orry is a sophomore student at John Brown University, and his podcast, The Conversation, will be a regular feature on our Media page. For his podcast, Orry interviews political figures, social advocates, and other individuals who have something meaningful to say about politics and the state of our society. Check out his podcast below!

The God-Shaped Hole in Our Politics: A Muslim Christian Dialogue Video

Can religious faith protect us from giving politics too much power over us, and can our belief systems give us the resources to navigate our deepest disagreements without inducing violence toward one another? During this discussion, a Christian and a Muslim, who happen to be great friends, reflect critically on our political discourse and the future of democracy.

“Should Christians Vote for Trump?” Video

Did you miss “Should Christians Vote for Trump?” and you want to watch it online, or would you like to share highlights with your friends? Access the whole video here!

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