The Center for Faith and Flourishing primarily hosts two types of events: lectures and seminars. Lectures are open to the public while seminars are by nomination. Click the title to the lecture for more information, or email if a seminar interests you!

Spring 2020

4.4 | Seminar Institute for Humane Studies

2.27 | Dr. Matthew Wright
“Politics as a Cultural Enterprise
7 PM | SBC 241

1.31 | Dr. Bill McClay
“The Two Americas of Jefferson and Hamilton”
6 PM | SBC 241/42

3.14 | Latino First-Generation Celebration Dinner

2.4 | Barnett Civic Leadership Speaker Series: Judge Lavenski Smith
“Without Respect of Persons”
7 PM | SGH-A

1.27 | Working for the Common Good: Haley Robison
“Lessons from the Field: Building a Redemptive Business”
7 PM | SGH-B

Past Events

11.20 | Student Mock Debate
Resolution: “Is JBU a good place for the exchange of ideas?”
7 PM | SBC 110

11.16 | Seminar
Institute for Humane Studies: “The Sacred Rights of Conscience”

11.12 | Travis Wussow
“The Role of Government in Christians’ Pursuit of Justice”
7 PM | SBC 110

11.7 | Dr. Anne Bradley
“Economics of Terrorism: Economic Freedom as the Counter Measure”
7 PM | SBC 241/42

10.15 | Reimagining Faith & Public Life
“The Future of Faith & Public Life”
7 PM | SGH

9.21-22 | Seminar: Liberty Tree Seminars
“Human Trafficking and Liberty”

9.12 | Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi
“A Textbook for Liberty: How the Bible made the Western World”
7 PM | SBC 241/42

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